ANCESTORS' BROCADES by Millicent Todd Bingham


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For devotees of Emily Dickinson, this is the finely detailed account of the posthumous publication of her works under the editorial supervision of Mabel Todd Loomis (the author's mother) and T.W. Higginson. From a voluminous correspondence, conversations, journals, the author has reconstructed the story of the publication of the poems (the first, second and third series), the very difficult editorial decisions, their critical and popular reception, and the considerable task of preparing the letters for publication. There is only occasionally personal, rather than literary, interest here; that mainly is the feud that developed between Emily's sister, Miss Vinnie, and Mrs. Loomis, as Miss Vinnie -- more and more resentful of the fame which Mrs. Loomis attained -- finally brought a ridiculous suit against her in which she won only a pyrrhic victory. Occasional marginalia on Emily -- on the other Dickinsons -- on the townspeople -- all of whom the Loomis' knew well. Special market.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1945
Publisher: Harper