THE DREAM WEAVER by Millie J. Ragosta


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Young weaver Alicia Morrison drives from N.Y.C. to Pennsylvania to find a country house and promptly stumbles onto a beautiful old stone church that's perfect for a home/studio. Her reluctant landlord: handsome lawyer/potter Chal McAlvey, who had planned to live there himself. . . until betrayed (he thinks) by ex-fiancÉe Elaine. Furthermore, local postmistress Helena is clearly lusting after Chal, who now is bitter and distrustful of women. So there's tension between Alicia and Chal: she calls him a ""conceited wimp""; he calls her a ""career-crazy feminist."" Nevertheless, despite all, love blooms. (""My eyes met his and I smiled from the heart."") But is Chal really over his Elaine problem? Shouldn't he be told that evil Helena lied to make Elaine look bad-just as she now tells Chal lies about Alicia? Alicia does the noble thing, of course, even if it means a renewed Chal/Elaine romance. And she gets repaid for her goodness--as does Chal, whose pottery is going to be all the rage (along with Alicia's country-inspired weavings) in Manhattan. Padded out with a few rustic goings-on, from a country auction to sheep-shearing: contemporary romance at its blandest.

Pub Date: Feb. 4th, 1982
Publisher: Doubleday