PLAY WITH PLANTS by Millincent E. Selsam
Kirkus Star


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How you can grow plants from roots, stems, leaves and seeds, is carefully explained and explicit directions given. All the things you can do with them, all the experiments given, can be tried without a large outdoor garden or, for that matter, without any outdoor gardening. City children specially should enjoy being able to grow grass with only a sponge, some grass seed, a glass dish with a cover and a sunny window still. There are chapters on the effects of light and water on plants and the different methods of planting and growing are illustrated, and explained, with clear black and white pictures by James MacDonald. It is excellently presented and makes an original sort of hobby book for youngsters; it should appeal to class room teachers in connection with class projects. The type is fairly large and easy to read, the words, except for a few plant names, familiar and easy to pronounce; the book is small and easy to handle as a guide book. There is a great demand for simple nature study books for the between ages so there should be an excellent market for this.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1949
Publisher: Morrow