INDIGO MAGIC by Milred Lawrence


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In another story with a Florida setting but a century earlier than one Hundred White Horses, Susana Fenton spends the first year of an exciting new life on an indigo plantation. A botanist, Mr. Fenton had been granted land for the plantation in return for information on plants and birds, a project that makes use of Susanna's sketches. In their work they meet their neighbors the Bigelows, a rather hidebound family and a contrast to other new friends among the local eminoles. When there is trouble, caused by a group of visiting Spaniards whom the Indians hate and to whom the Bigelows are host, Susanna is instrumental in preventing a tragic clash. Rather strong adventure for 1767 and a girl who is continually restrained by a most proper housekeeper but lively and likeable.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace