MILTON BERLE: An Autobiography by Milton & Haskel Frankel Berle

MILTON BERLE: An Autobiography

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However you feel about Uncle Miltie, one of the stand-up comics before the term became a chestnut you don't feel like pulling out of the fire, he was one of the headliners in the big league which included Phil Silvers and Jimmy Durante and George Jessel and. . .all performers in that ""showbusiness (which) is no business"" who punched their lines with an energy factor hard to overlook. Here too in an autobiography delivered with the same aggressiveness from the time when he was a wise-mouthed, pushy kid star (actually nervous) backstopped by a Mama -- the eponymous Jewish mother Sadie -- who was always in the wings or out front -- watching. Anyway from one of the infant stars of the Florodora (sic) Baby Sextette -- he went on to headline acts, Hollywood, and the final prominence of the Texaco Star Theatre for eight years. Most interesting -- his love for movie star Linda (?) who bore his child and married the more solvent head of a studio; his appearance with Aimee Semple McPherson (he was still pretty young) who disrobed privately for him; his marriages (even if Mama kept saying ""What do you need marriage for"") once and then again to Joyce who later was annexed by Billy Rose, and finally more contentedly with Ruth Cosgrove. . . . The book is expected to do well -- starting with the endorsement crooned by Sinatra -- and even if it lacks the champagne charm of David Niven, it's lipped with a rampant honesty, some of those tag line gag lines, and the all pro presence of Milton Berle.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Delacorte