JORY by Milton R. Bass


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Jory alternates between taking itself deadly seriously andhoaxing it up as one of the biggest western put-ons tostampede into town. Jory is a fifteen-year-old strappinginnocent who has killed the man who kicked his drunken fatherto death in the local saloon. He joins up with two Texans as atrail hand and one of them discovers that Jory is a ""natural""with guns. So all the time they're riding, he's practising, and several near massacres later, when they reach the Texasranch, he's hired on as bodyguard to ""Miss Amy"", the boss'sdaughter--""I wasn't too sure about being a bodyguard because Ihad never guarded any bodies before, but I wasn't going toslam the door on fried eggs and soft beds."" Then comes one ofthe nastiest range wars ever plotted by a tricky may not know where it's at but you won't be ableto put it down.

Pub Date: Aug. 28th, 1969
Publisher: Putnam