VISIONS OF SUGARPLUMS, Rev. ed. by Mimi Sheraton


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Very little revised and not significantly expanded, this is more in the nature of a second chance for an enticing array of traditional Christmas sweets--first presented, in 1968, before Mimi Sheraton had attained her present renown as Food and Restaurant Critic of the New York Times. The goodies range from Swedish Saffron Buns to Old English Mincemeat (and the Green Tomato Mincemeat of the Pennsylvania Dutch) to the Chocolate Chestnut Fritters (or Calcionetti, ""little kicks"") of the Abruzzi . . . to such confections as marzipan, torrone, and--of course--sugarplums (in a variety of modern-day guises). The added material consists of recipes contributed by some of Sheraton's patissière or semi-pro friends--several of them quite elaborate, and not all special to Christmas. But John Clancy's unusual Star of Zurich (a puff paste star with an almond and coconut macaroon filling) would grace any Yuletide gathering, while Andre Soltner's Alsatian Pear Bread--which can be made ahead, and stored--could be a proud offering for a holiday guest. The recipes are presented with the clarity and precision you'd expect, and the brief introductory notes--to recipes and sections--convey a sense of partaking in a tradition without a lot of picturesque chit-chat. For the nostalgic or the adventurous, sheer delight.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1981
Publisher: Harper & Row