FIRST POEMS by Minou Drouet


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These are the poems, in translation, of a little French girl of eight years, along with a few letters. They comprise a volume to enchant- but not to edify, which cannot be accepted as true poetry, but rather as a psychological document of the highest order. It shows an exquisite child's ""participation mystique"" in the world around her, earth, air, clouds, stars, and not least the literary language of her gifted mother and the attentions of some of the most talented editors and publishers in France. The poems, of course, evoked a storm of protest when they were published--many staid critics were unable to understand how much a sensitive child is a ""reverberation"". The poems show no sign of technical skill, only of instinctual precocity which may fade- or develop further. Special, for a special market.

Publisher: Harper