THE PLEASURE IS MINE by Mircea Vasiliu


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A high-hearted how-do-you-do by the illustrator of Forty Plus and Fancy Free and The Last Resorts and a former Secretary (not the shorthand type) of the Romanian Embassy charms with delicious frivolity as it warms with serious intent. Mircea from the cradle was headed toward The Career, and so after much varied experience as an eager novice he found himself at the Royal Romanian Embassy in America. Major occurrences range from the meeting between Ambassador Ralea and President Truman to initiations into American dating habits, with asides for cables on salaries, the discovery of the meaning of gate crasher, the art of hand kissing. The appearance of Communists on the scene, the trial of his friend Tony Maniu and the outlandish suspicions directed his way led to Mircea's resignation and seeking of political asylum. After a check to see that Mircea was holding his own, selling curtains, other colleagues left the legation. Mirecea's introduction to American life included a bewitching red-haired wife, who fortunately for his standing in the Romanian exile society, appeared to be wealthy enough to support him. His becoming an American citizen concludes his pertinent aside so deftly applied.

Publisher: Harper