BOOKED FOR DEATH by Miriam Borgenicht


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A flawed outing for another of the author's busy heroines (Fall From Grace, etc.). This time it's Celia Sommerville, administrative worker for a Boston university where fiancÉ George Theroux is a highly respected math professor. George, a totally organized, totally proper 55, reacts to Celia's announcement that she's breaking their engagement with sarcastic barbs and little emotion. His apparent suicide a clay later, in Cedar Springs, Vermont, leaves Celia bewildered and unconvinced. George had told her that he planned to visit the family of prep-school chum Roy Ellsworth, son of renowned old scholar Eric Ellsworth, whose very rich wife died years ago. Roy himself died two years past, leaving a widow and four children, none of whom George had ever met, making his visit incomprehensible to Celia. By strange coincidence, Professor Ellsworth has asked his former protÉgÉ at the university, English prof Jason Bailey, to send someone to help with his new book. Voilá! Celia arrives in Cedar Springs, determined to disprove George's suicide. Unfazed by Roy's hostile widow, Madeline, she does lots of sleuthing between working sessions with the professor--but another death and Jason's spirited intervention are what finally resolve the mystery. Overwritten in the author's oblique, often fussy style. With motives telegraphed long before they're revealed, and with a glaring gaffe in the plot's finale, this is not one of Borgenicht's better efforts.

Pub Date: Nov. 23rd, 1987
Publisher: St. Martin's