THE HAPPY PAIRR: And Other Love Stories by Miriam Chaikin

THE HAPPY PAIRR: And Other Love Stories

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Three conventional if deftly concocted ""love stories,"" each one easily forgotten by the time the next is read. The most romantic, set in the land of Ttra-Lla, concerns a loving couple -- he very tall and she very short -- whose happiness is marred only by their inability to dance together, until some magical magi-like switches teach them to be content making music together. For those who prefer the common touch there is the henpecked locksmith whose wife calls him ""Mr. Nobody"" until her temper lands him in the hospital and the number and character of his visitors persuade her that he is really ""quite a few somebodies...a constituent, a friend, a patient, a tenant, an uncle, a neighbor, a customer...and a husband."" In the last and weakest story Old Lady Picklepuss turns so sweet after a stray cat moves into her house (Longman, reviewed on page 1094, had the same idea) that she finally gets married at 71. All three tales are fluently told but ultimately flimsy, and Nebel's line and wash illustrations are similarly unremarkable.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1972
Publisher: Putnam