GETTING EVEN by Miriam Chaikin


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We pay a big price for getting even,"" says Molly's nice teacher when Molly publicly apologizes for the terrible thing she's done. It happens after Molly's best friend Tsippi gets her period and, on achieving that milestone, seems to be abandoning Molly for another classmate, Big Naomi. In revenge, Molly reveals to vicious Rotten Beverly that Tsippi's parents are Communists (true); Beverly spreads it round that they are spies for Hitler; and Tsippi rushes home from school in tears. It takes some time and several overtures from the repentant Molly before Tsippi relents and becomes her friend again; by then they're both big enough to include Big Naomi and new Ruthie in their outings. Earlier, Molly has taken another lesson to heart: Deliberately wearing a ""new"" hand-me-down satin chemise on gym day, then meeting ridicule instead of admiration when she changes, Molly walks home smarting and muttering ""That's what you get for showing off."" It's the same serious, likable Molly who worried about making friends in I Should Worry I Should Care and anguished over a found ring in Finders Weepers, the same solid Jewish family living traditionally in Brooklyn during World War II, and the same winning view--given an odd, affecting edge in Egielski's full-page illustrations--of childhood experience and intensity.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1982
ISBN: 0595198686
Publisher: Harper & Row