JUST MRS. GOOSE by Miriam Clark Potter


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Addle-pated, absent-minded Mrs. Goose disrupts and delights Animal land again. Mrs. Goose is a gay, glad personification. Her forgetfulness, the absurd mistakes she makes with her non sequitur logic- as she falls into a well, is rescued and falls in again demonstrating how she fell in the first time -- as she complains to the library that her library card is very dull reading -- follow in the disjointedly comical path of earlier Mrs. Goose books. As a chicken sitter for Mrs. Hen's daughters, Arabelle and Clarabelle, Mrs. Goose proved a ""good runner-arounder, a good, knocker-overer, and a good screecher"". Good, kind, giddy Mrs. Goose is a wholesome funny animal figure for light read-aloud entertainment and easy reading fun.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1957
ISBN: 0974645702
Publisher: Lippincott