HERE COMES MRS. GOOSE by Miriam Clark Potter


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More about the kith and kin of Animaltown in a book that is as full of dead pan whimsy of the catchy variety as was its predecessor Hello! Mrs. Goose (1947, p.336) Mrs. Goose's friends- the Pop-Rabbit family, Mrs. Squirrel, Black Cat, Mr. Gobble and the rest, suffer through that lady's absentminded foibles and amazing streaks of stupidity with patience and politeness as well as outbursts of backtalk. She does things like forgetting to come to dinner, buying a wrist watch and then discovering the lack of a wrist, upchucking unswallowed prunestones- while through it all the animals kid each other with an artless ingratiation. The pictures by the author are strongly designed ink drawings using techniques of entirely white or blacked out areas with dots or criss-cross strokes for shadings. They have an old fashioned quality all their own and suit a taste for animal slapstick that is still with us.

Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 1953
Publisher: Lippincott