BEE MY VALENTINE! by Miriam Cohen


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Valentine's Day, the stickiest of holidays in all sorts of ways--suitably depicted in Hoban's cupcake-frosting colors, and recognized as such by Cohen's first grade teacher who stipulates in advance that ""Everybody must send a card to everybody else. Then nobody will be sad."" But it doesn't work out that way: Jim, who loves those corny dime store cards that say ""Police be mine"" or ""Bee my Honey,"" sends two to Paul; Danny sends 13 cards to himself; and Anna Maria keeps one of hers ""because it was too cute to send."" Which leaves George, who ""didn't get enough,"" crying in the coatroom. But Jim, with his harmonica, turns the occasion into a stomping, gala concert in honor of George--who gets the bells, his favorite instrument, and the paper crown when he emerges to join them. Like a good first grade teacher, Hoban faces up to the day's inevitable small heartbreaks and sees to it that everyone goes home happy.

Pub Date: Feb. 13th, 1978
ISBN: 1595720855
Publisher: Greenwillow