FIRST PARTY by Miriam Gilbert


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In content and interest, this fictionalized etiquette book is comparable to the typical collections of tips to teenagers on party giving, although some of the guidelines waver from the usual. It was fifteen year old Laurie Peterson's inspiration to give the first ""girl-boy party"" for herself and her girl friends, and although the preparations she made seem haphazard, everyone agreed that the results were successful. Laurie first had the idea on a Friday, and she was determined to set the date for the following weekend -- several emergencies involving her family and others and the fact that her parents had a previous engagement failed to dissuade her. It took several days for Laurie to inform her parents of the occasion, and she barely consulted with them about the plans. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson did come home earlier than expected (close to 12:00) because at the last minute they became too concerned to stay out all night as intended. For chaperones, a few of the neighbors agreed to look in occasionally, but Laurie's sixteen year old brother Josh was given the major responsibility (he seems to have spent most of the evening in a separate part of the house flirting with Laurie's fourteen year old friend). Boys were invited to bring along anyone they wanted, but the only problem person who turned up was easily squelched. The only game Laurie seems to have thought of for the party was spin the bottle, but that was turned down by popular protest. The outcome seems like more luck than sense; everyone there has a good time, but the ultimate reader might prefer an evening with TV.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1966
Publisher: Hastings House