JANE ADDAMS: World Neighbor by Miriam Gilbert

JANE ADDAMS: World Neighbor

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Jane Addams, one of America's great figures, was the founder of Hull House, in Chicago. This is her story, with perhaps too much emphasis on her semi-invalidism, with moments of fictional stress on romantic facets of her youth, and with not enough focus on the courage, the compassion, the idealism that carried her to her goal. Maturing in a society that considered home and children as a woman's metier, Jane Addams held to her ambition:- first to get a proper education, then to overcome successive bouts of illness, ultimately to establish Hull House as one step in the battle against poverty -- and to win for women the right to vote. While this is sensitively written, it lacks the impact implicit in the subject, and does not measure up to Clara Judson's City Neighbor (published by Scribner in 1951). There is room for a better biography.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1960
Publisher: Abingdo Press