MISS SUZY by Miriam; Illus. Arnold Lobel Young


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The publisher labels it ""old-fashioned"" on the accompanying jacket copy and it is. The strongest word to describe both the pictures and the text is ""pleasant"". Miss Suzy is a gray squirrel whose dedicated housekeeping and providential nut-storing is carried on in an oak tree home until she is invaded by a gang of red squirrels who throw her out. She takes shelter in an attic nearby, moving into a Victorian doll house. A certain illogic enters the story at this point. Although she lived happily alone in her tree house, Miss Suzy gets lonesome in the doll house and invites some wooden soldiers, also in the attic, to move in with her. The gallant five are grateful for her care and storm the red squirrels to re-install Miss Suzy in her old home. Mr. Lobell has a nice hand with special acorn furniture and the doll house period style. Miss Suzy is made a quick, bright creature and her mean-eyed enemies are suitably villainous in appearance. The pictures surpass the text.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1964
ISBN: 1930900287
Publisher: Parent's Magazine Press