HOMINY by Miriam K. Mason
Kirkus Star


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A gay Indian yarn with a touch of gentle humor is all about young Hominy, his adventures, and a great quest. When Hominy was six be heard from his grandfather, the old chief, about the Bad Luck Bird and thought what a fine thing it would be if he could shoot him with a silver arrow, the only weapon that could be used. But Hominy had to learn things first -- when you leave maple sugar unguarded the bears will steal it; a clumsy log boat is safer in rapids than a graceful, white, lake canoe; blunt-nosed arrows fly straight, too. Finally Hominy is ready for his quest, but things turn out different from his expectations- the silver arrow is lost in the river when the white canoe upsets, the Bad Luck Bird himself rides peacefully with Hominy down the river on a tree limb. Hominy, however, is given a wonderful gift to bring back to his people and to awaken the languid appetite of the ailing chief -- corn which laughs and chuckles in the pot and which explodes into delicious white flowers. Cheerful simple prose, suitable for third year reading.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1950
Publisher: Macmillan