SUMMERSONG by Miriam Reed


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So eager. . . who would ever have guessed that beneath that prim exterior lived a tigress, made to be loved."" So says handsome, green-eyed Jason Trent, a young land developer, to Alison Windsor--a young divorcee who has come to Paradise Island (Gulf of Mexico) to take over her late father's art gallery. At first Alison runs away (""like a frightened virgin."" Soon, however, she is melting as ""hot, liquid desire"" drives through her. But will Jason overcome his unfounded jealousy of Alison's ex-hubby? More important, will Alison make it in her new gallery-owner career, what with hurricane-damage, debts, and such? (""Should she be able to continue with the gallery and make it grow, half her life would be brimming with success, but the inner Alison, the woman she was becoming, loving, giving, and growing, who had finally found the key to happiness, would be bereft if Jason left her."") Right off the conveyor belt--with slightly more explicit sex than usual in this vein of the genre.

Pub Date: Dec. 2nd, 1983
Publisher: Doubleday