THE RABBIT'S WORLD by Miriam Schlein


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Not really a rabbit but, as explained in the preliminary note, a type of varying hare (varying because his fur color changes with the seasons), this particular little snowshoe rabbit can't understand why his mother says that the tree, the water, and the grassy field are ""his"" when he can't bring them home to keep. At last however she shows him how he can use or enjoy all of them, and when the snow which is ""especially"" his comes, he understands how ""all the things he needs in the world are really his."" Schlein's telling is just a bit precious (what is a ""rabbit month""?) though she does manage to keep readers curious along with the little rabbit. And those alert, investigating, hushed rabbits (composed of fine line or -- in the snow -- tiny dots) among Parnall's characteristic crisp and graceful grasses do a lot to brace the lesson.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1973
Page count: 28pp
Publisher: Four Winds Press