IF I RODE A DINOSAUR by Miriam Young


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Having presumably exhausted the more likely motorized methods of transport, the Young/ Quackenbush daydreamer who imagined himself behind the wheel of a car, tractor, train, etc., now speculates about ""how great it would be if (dinosaurs) were around now."" He would set ""DIPLODOCUS -- the longest dinosaur, as long as three school buses,"" to bridge a river, collecting lollipop fares from passengers; he would thunder through town on BRONTOSAURUS and ride batlike PTERANADON above the school's rooftops; and he would take ""TYRONNOSAURUS REX, the most ferocious animal who ever lived, with a jaw as big as a steam shovel and teeth like daggers,"" to the dentist. Such domestication of the terrible lizards -- most ludicrously, using one-horned MONOCLONIUS as a ring toss at birthday parties -- leaves no doubt that they will be psychologically manageable, but it doesn't do much for the imagination.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1974
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard