MUSHROOM IN THE RAIN by Mirra Ginsburg
Kirkus Star


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One day an ant was caught in the rain"" and hid under a mushroom waiting for it to stop. Soon a butterfly comes along seeking shelter, and though ""there is barely room for one,"" the ant moves over and lets him in. Then one by one a mouse, a sparrow and a rabbit (fleeing from a fox) squeeze in, each in a mobile series of six small pictures per page. When the rain stops and everyone comes out from under (all full of Aruego's bouncy brightness) they all wonder how the five of them had managed to fit in, but as the last double-page closeup of not only greige but also orange, yellow, pink, violet, blue and green fungi happily reminds us, mushrooms grow when it rains. Sparkling, expansive fun, sure to be a runaway story hour success.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1974
ISBN: 0021784507
Publisher: Macmillan