NOISY GANDER by Miska Miles


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In a sort of documentary manner that seems at first to focus on no one particular creature, Miles shows a small rabbit. . . a gander honking, frightening her away. . . more honking, which scatters browsing sparrows. . .then a pig asking the gosling, ""Why does your father honk when there isn't anything to honk at?"" The gosling doesn't know, and is downcast when a kitten asks the same question. But that night a coyote comes slinking "". . . closer. Closer. Closer""--and the gander's honking rouses all the animals and chases the intruder away. You can trust Miles' depiction of the gosling's early embarrassment and later pride to be mercifully understated; still, with a story so slight and a theme so commonplace, one wonders how much can be gained by simply implying what another picture-book author might inflate.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1978
Publisher: Unicorn/Dutton