SEE A WHITE HORSE by Miska Miles


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An author and an illustrator noted for sensitive portrayal of animal-human relations, collaborate once again in this brief tale of a young farm boy who grieves desperately for a dog who has recently died. Until a majestic white horse and its anine companion pass through Henry's farm on their way to neighbor Latch's to be sold, the boy believed no creature could take the place of Old Tuck. At first reluctant to befriend the dog, Henry soon notices a resemblance between this new animal and his beloved pet. But when he approaches neighbor Latch to negotiate a sale, he learns the dog has run away. Determined to avoid a second heartbreak, Henry sets out in search of Young Tuck. With the help of the white horse he finds the dog and finally allows the old grief to abate. Simply told, this story nevertheless reflects the depth of the genuine cycle of attachment between a boy and his dog.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1963
Publisher: Little, Brown