FINAL JUDGMENT by Mitchell Benjoya


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The bizarre and tendentious tale of unstable Boston lawyer Jake Leavitt, who gets so fed up with brilliantly defending the scum of the earth that he hires a hit-man to execute clients who have gone free courtesy of Jake's courtroom bravado. First target: an arrogant black pimp cleared of a rape charge via Jake's browbeating humiliation of the rapee. Next: an Irish-mafia murderer-robber. Then lake finds out he misjudged victim #2 and therefore takes the third bullet himself. Weird, yes? Along the way, Boston lawyer Benjoya offers some reasonably sharp street-talkin' conversations, some impossible soap-opera conversations between Jake and his estranged wife, far too much courtroom back-and-forth (a chronic problem of lawyers writing about lawyers), and a lot of unfocused anger about the criminal court system.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Contemporary Books