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NINE INSIGHTS by Mitchell Earl Gibson


For A Happy and Successful Life

by Mitchell Earl Gibson

Pub Date: May 27th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1463538088
Publisher: CreateSpace

Gibson’s (The Human Body of Light, 2010, etc.) latest speaks to readers looking to trade in pain and suffering for lasting happiness.

The book’s content stems from Gibson’s extensive work as a psychiatrist, and experiences with his patients inspire the insights he shares. The title’s nine sections stress that an open, inquisitive mind can influence a person’s quality of life; becoming mindful of one’s thoughts, and viewing them as resources and cues when making decisions and processing events, arms a person with a new outlook. Attracting a more fulfilling life involves tapping inner resources and removing outer chaos, and readers dominated by discontent and unrealized desires can benefit from these insights that have already helped Gibson’s patients. The author phrases each insight in one trite, platitudinous sentence, but switches to a smart, engaging style when elaborating his theories. He narrates poignant moments and dialogues from his psychiatric practice, offering detailed accounts of people overcoming emotional malaise. Gibson also includes examples where success occurred despite adversity in the lives of famous people and during historical events. Learning about the many failures Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling endured before her career took off, or reading how Albert Einstein’s questioning of widely accepted beliefs led to his society-altering contributions, entertains readers while elucidating the book’s guiding principles. Gibson succeeds in translating erudite knowledge and professional experiences into a conversational style that still retains formality. By supporting his theories with examples of human interactions and specific life events rather than relying on heavier technical or medical ideas, Gibson engages his audience while simultaneously imparting the help readers arrived to find. The book’s concepts aren’t dramatically different from other titles in the genre, but those looking to add to their arsenal of self-help tools have nothing to lose by including Gibson’s title.

For readers looking for quick, engaging inspiration, Gibson’s sharp and credible book is a solid resource.