THE KIMBALLS by Mitchell Wilson


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From the mystery novel, which she handled with considerable distinction, this is a turn to the psycho-emotional melodrama, which though less successful, still provides a readable story of a closed father-daughter relationship. Ann Kimball, who had lived since the accidental death of her mother, under the dour, only questionably paternal, essiveness of her father, for the first time falls in love with Steve LaFargs. It father, who had destroyed Ann's memory of her mother by his distortion of her infide now tries to keep Steve and Ann apart as he reveals that Steve was accidentally res for her mother's death. Determined to try and override this barrier, Steve fails until he secures evidence that vindicates Ann's mother, proves that her disction did not include Ann, and in restoring to Ann the memory of the mother she had he invalidates her father's hold. ..Psychological torment, with occasionally trim, which subdues but indicates, the pathological.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1947
Publisher: Simon & Schuster