MY BROTHER, MY ENEMY by Mitchell Wilson


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A popularly processed story of electronic enterprise and the dream dust of young ambitions which reworks the pattern of Live With Lighting (1947) in a lengthy continuity. This is the story of the Mallorys, two brothers and their older sister- Margot, Margot who drove them, Ken who went along, and Davy who saw above them, and the close solidarity between them which was not without its liability. This follows them along the ascendant of their lives; Margot, as she falls in love with Douglas Vollrath, whom she torments into the marriage he never wanted; the boys as they sweat out the invention of a camera tube in the face of limited backing, which now becomes unlimited with Margot's marriage to Doug; and there's Vicky- too, whom Davy loves, but who had first fallen for Ken- only to find that she is only one of a passing show of girls who can never compete with the interfering image of Margot.... The vitality of initiative and discovery gives a popular pulse to a story of no great distinction- or for that matter- definition, but it's easily readable and presumably rentable.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1952
ISBN: 0548450323
Publisher: Little, Brown