NONE SO BLIND by Mitchell Wilson
Kirkus Star


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A study in evil of considerable magnetism and momentum, of an obsessive love and an obsessive hate, and of the power of one woman to destroy by indirection. This is the story of Scott Burnett, naval officer, and the new O.O. of a lonely coastal station, of Peggy Butler, with whom he falls in love, and Tod Butler, her elderly husband, who is blind but even so, ominously aware. Tied to Tod by his infirmity of which she was the accidental cause, Peggy refuses to leave him though hating and fearing him; she is wary and evasive when Scott suggests that Tod's blindness is not genuine, and subtly implants the intent to murder in Scott's mind. Ridden by the fear that some day he will kill Tod, by the unsatisfactory relationship with Peggy, by the mistrust of his own emotional balance, Scott eventually frees himself of Peggy as he exposes the deception in which he has been submerged. Highly successful and absorbing, this has a dual attraction for the mystery market.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster