LEFT TURN, CANADA by M.J. Coldwell


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An important book for balance in better understanding of what is happening -- politically, economically, socially, in Canada. Coldwell is the leader of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, Canada's ""middle way"" between the reactionary stranglehold of Big Business in government and Communism. The CCF is already operating in Saskatchewan and has passed constructive, forward looking legislation designed to protect agriculture, to strengthen labor, to expand social welfare, education, cooperatives, and to lay the groundwork for reconstruction and rehabilitation. The book, however, is more than a picture of the test case; it is a study -- a challenging and revealing one -- of Canada's trends toward strangling cartels, her inadequacies in social legislation, her political dissensions and compromises -- and the program of her fast-growing new party.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce