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by M.L. Miller

Pub Date: April 16th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-956874-09-9
Publisher: Ethical Recruiters, Inc. DBA SoaringME

A manual offers a comprehensive set of tips for improving job interview performance.

In these pages, Miller draws on his own decades of experience in “talent acquisition” in order to dispel the mysteries surrounding the hiring process in the hope of increasing the chances that his readers will land their dream jobs or desired promotions. According to the author, some 80% of professional turnovers result from faulty hiring practices, with either the employer asking the wrong questions or the applicant giving the incorrect answers. The book’s chapters are short and filled with bulleted points, with each one concluding with a summary—all designed for quick and easy access by job aspirants daunted by the sometimes murky but crucial hiring process. (Most people change jobs many times in their lives.) Miller coaches his readers to do a large amount of research on their target jobs, listen carefully to every part of each question, and practice possible answers ahead of time. These answers “should be concise and relevant to the questions asked,” he writes, “but always connecting you to the ideal profile.” The author has interviewed thousands of job applicants, and the calm confidence of all that experience comes through clearly on every page of his manual. His insights and advice are always no-nonsense and straight to the point. “Do not bring up other candidates,” he warns. “Have a compelling, succinct explanation of why a business needs your services.” He provides a valuable backstage look by explaining why employers ask many of the kinds of questions they do in interviews, well-known gambits like “What is your biggest achievement?” He also cautions readers against making the most common mistakes—such as lying about their experience. “Being dishonest is the fastest and most sure-fire way to guarantee that you don’t get the job,” Miller writes. Job seekers will find a great trove of valuable, levelheaded advice in these pages.

A sweeping and sharp-eyed guide to interviewing for the job of your dreams.