WHEELS IN HIS HEAD by M.M. Musselman


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Of Father-A.J.- who was an inventor of the ingenious, skilful American type and whose abilities led to many ups and downs in family life. From Kansas to Chicago, from non-collapsible umbrellas (which lost him his first sweetheart), from onion peelers to golf, this records the career of a man alert to radical changes in people's needs. It also records the amazing life a child of such a parent could land -- from pride in his father's achievements to shame in not having a Father who had a regular job. It also tells of Mother and the peculiar events other inventions brought about, the mechanical cradle, the automatic room warmer, the flying machine, the innovations in car driving, and response to each situation engendered by Father's curiosity and determination. There are his actual contributions, bicycle brakes, balloon tires, golf balls and clubs, etc. It portrays a man unable to work for anyone but himself, sure of his ability to conquer any mechanical obstacle. Eccentric in a mild way, rugged individual in a decided way, A. J. takes his place in the literary family tradition.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1945
Publisher: Whittlesey House