The Seven Deadly Misconceptions by Mohanlal Habib

The Seven Deadly Misconceptions

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An outsider challenges the fundamental underpinnings of modern physics.

In this debut science book, Mohanlal explores the ways in which he believes conventional physics has misinterpreted the universe and rendered an inaccurate portrait of reality. The author begins by challenging conventional wisdom regarding the moon’s orbit around the Earth, then proceeds to attack standard conceptions of gravity, time, and the structure of the atom. The book argues for the existence of an ether (despite “an unwritten ban on ether theories”) that fills space outside the Earth’s atmosphere and is responsible for phenomena usually attributed to gravity, electromagnetism, and strong nuclear force. Diagrams, thought experiments, and quotations from scientists and philosophers form Mohanlal’s arguments in favor of a universe governed by “gravither.” The book presents a unified theory based on the author’s interpretations, and offers suggestions for research to provide experimental proof. Mohanlal makes it clear that he approaches the study of physics from an outsider’s perspective (“Prior to this, I firmly believed that science is all about absolute truth, logic, and facts that are established after thorough research, experimentation, and verification”) and with a naïve conception of professional science (“I was surprised when I became aware that even the scientific community is dogged by politics, favoritism, egos, and so on”). Mohanlal writes about his extensive study of physics, and displays familiarity with many of the discipline’s concepts, though the conclusions he draws on topics like the effect of a lunar eclipse on gravity are questionable, and minor errors like the misspelling of Galileo’s name do not inspire full confidence in the book’s analysis. Though the volume’s central aim is to overthrow established theories, Mohanlal presents his interpretations with the same certainty he questions, frequently describing his conclusions as “beyond any doubt,” supported by “irrefutable proof” with “only one explanation.” It is evident that Mohanlal has thought deeply about the subject, and the book presents some intriguing objections to conventional scientific thought, but it does so without a convincing case for its new theory.

 An unpersuasive argument for overturning mainstream science’s understanding of the universe.

Pub Date: April 13th, 2016
ISBN: 978-9-35-206911-8
Page count: 234pp
Publisher: Notion Press
Program: Kirkus Indie
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