THE ANIMALS' VACATION by Mollie Hamilton


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A fable in rhyme instructing the youngest audience in a lesson that sometimes takes a lifetime to learn: ""It is best to be yourself."" The elephant envied the fragile mouse, the monkey sighed for a serious mien, the pig yearned for elegance and the goat, for haute cuisine. Together with a few more animals dissatisfied with their inherited environments or temperaments, they vacationed on a tropical sle where all their wishes came true. But after two weeks of contentment, the monkey came down with the giggles, setting off a chain reversion to normal, and they all found it quite a relief to get back. The four line stanzas are gay and clever while the illustrations are nicely stylized for sheer nonsense. A pointed poke in the ribs.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1964
Publisher: New York Graphic Society