WINKING AT THE BRIM by Molly Berkeley


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My father was John Lowell, and I had two Cabot great grandmothers, so I certainly was a Bean if not also a Cod,"" remarks Lady Berkeley early in her memoirs. The bit of Irish blood, the saving grace that gave her ""a light touch and perhaps a bit of skipping fancy"" is in charming evidence in this series of episodes which carry Molly Lowell from a Boston Brahmin girlhood through an early marriage and motherhood, a second marriage to Lord Berkeley (""I suppose if you are a Fellow of the Royal Society, it is restful to be married to a half-wit""), the years following his death, when she worked for the Red, Cross in World War II, adopted three Italian boys after it, making a home for them at San Lorenzo. Her life is brimful of distinguished people: F.D.R. called her his first girl, B.B. spent his ninetieth birthday with her, J.F.K. visited Berkeley when quite young, Menuhin played an Easter concert for her... She picks up places as fast as she drops names...including a Tower in San Gimignano. Toujours gai, but also touched With grace, this Lady, who will be read with amusement and admiration by those who Concur With her closing: ""If you don't blow your own horn who will.

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1967
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin