A SKY OF MY OWN by Molly Bernheim


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A middle aged woman's experiences in flying make the most of the unforgettable moments which are taken for granted by other authors in this field. Ignorant about, fearful of and not ""congenial"" to airplanes, she was most apprehensive when her husband learned to fly but overcame her bloc to become his passenger. Then the urge to get her own license; her work with her instructor; the buying of an Aeronca Chief; her solo flying and private pilot certificate; the four place Stinson and longer flights for which her advance air work trained her; the commercial certificate and the long term objective of obtaining her flight instructor's rating -- these are part of a mature approach to a whole new world whose skills and rewards make a great change in the sum total of her life. Beyond all the technicalities of operating a plane this has a definite woman's appeal whether or not she is even remotely thinking of flying herself.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1959
Publisher: Rinehart