MISHMASH by Molly Gone


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While tried in vain to capture the attention of his adored teacher Miss Patch, Mishmash his new black dog succeeded in making himself the center of attention in the neighborhood. Unfortunately Mish's friendliness cannot offset his nuisance value in the eyes of the neighbors and is directed forthwith to get rid of the dog. Since the original owner cannot be located Pete and Wanda (the girl next door) borrow from the steeped in hearts and flowers and leave Mish on the churchsteps with a written plea for kindness. What a surprise when Miss Patch emerges from the church, recognizes Pete's handwriting and accepts Mish as a personal gift. Miss Cone fails to endow either Mishmash or her story with spirit or realism. The dog's escapades are too mild to arouse interest; Pete's reaction to losing his pet is bereft of emotion and Miss Patch's willingness to accept gifts from all her pupils, not to mention her classroom techniques, are out of keeping with either the real or idealized concept of the teacher.

Pub Date: May 17th, 1962
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin