FOXES THREE by Molly & John Burkett


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Written from the viewpoint of son John, this tells of the Burketts' experiences in caring for three fox cubs and continuing to raise the most docile, called Jenny, to maturity. Those who read The Year of the Badger will be familiar with this family's occupation--running a wildlife center in England. All of the perils and delights inherent in such an undertaking are captured in the anecdotes describing the cubs' development: their life in the thermostatically controlled bathroom, the frequent feedings, the first explorations through the house, and their growing adventures. At first the Burketts feared the reaction of their dogs; Susie, a spaniel, adopted the cubs as her special charges, but Puppy, the whippet, ultimately proved their fears well-founded. Eventually two of the cubs were sent to other homes, and Jenny became a family favorite, regarded with humor and affection and respect for her nature; however, Puppy attacked her one day, bruising her spine and her relationship with her human family. Jenny healed physically and was released in the woods (the authors are able to account for some of her subsequent adventures), her sister ended up a real house pet with scent glands removed, and her brother had to be shot for hunting chickens and pet peacocks. For anyone longing for a wild pet, this is both cautionary as well as enjoyably instructive.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1975
Page count: 160pp
Publisher: Lippincott