SCRATCH & CO.: The Great Cat Expedition by Molly Lefebure

SCRATCH & CO.: The Great Cat Expedition

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Cats to match the men who scale mountains, namely young Scratch Sharp and the company he comes to lead up the Highest Known Peak--this after Sir Hylwel Catterwaul, ""one of the last survivors of the Golden Age of pioneer mountaineering,"" has said up, up, up once too often and gone down, down, down. What starts off as a cricket-y English spoof with a Scottish strain--Wee Hamish McCall, ""the most famous mountaineering terrier of them all,"" pipes the porters--musters more energy when Red Rowan Lightfoot and his foxy friends intercept the expedition. Will they guide the party to the summit, as promised, or succumb to their taste for cat cutlets? Red Rowan at least is as good as his word, and he and Scratch and schoolmate Oliver Simpkin and Wee Hamish ultimately leave their mark (Hamish washing his away with whiskey) on the H.K.P. Good-sportsmanship triumphs, good-fellowship endures but Britannia rules--which makes this romp something of a sport on the American scene.

Pub Date: Nov. 17th, 1969
Publisher: Meredith