THE LOONA BALLOONA by Molly Lefebure


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While a crew of catonauts, including Manx Scoop of The Cat Times, prepares to blast off for the moon from Cape Claw Rocket Base, balloonist Albert (also a cat) secretly launches his vehicle for the same destination, with Scoop's rival Whiskey Bylines and romantic moon-worshipper Sasha Felinsky as crew and Sasha's aunt, an owl (quite natural, when you remember that voyage in the beautiful pea green boat), as a stowaway. Both ships land sooner than expected and there is some doubt for a while as to whether they are indeed on the moon or on some unknown planet; both are frightened by threatening subfeline natives until it becomes clear to both that each group is scaring the other. Then, the rocket wrecked, all return in the repaired balloon to be feted by fellow earth cats and to correct the mistaken reports of human astronauts. Readers will suspect as intended that neither crew ever really left the earth, but they are less likely to be spaced out with laughter by the punny names, mutual misunderstandings and tiresome acronymic double-talk about LEM and COM and GUNX and CUSK. We'd scrub it.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1974
Page count: 192pp
Publisher: Nelson