FAMILY BOOK OF FUN by Mon & Shirley Paxman


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Only too often ""fun books"" are simply compendiums of information taken from other compendiums. This is one built into the structure of the Paxman family,- the things they did together, the traditions they built for the family during the growing up years, the sharing of family worship, family work responsibilities, as well as family habits of study, projects and family play. Parties round the seasons are included and lots of suggestions that others could adapt are made. Christmas has its traditional exchanging of gifts, but more important still in this family is the preparation, the shared shopping excursions, the mending of beloved toys, the thought of others-and first and last the sense of the meaning of Christmas. Summer has its picnics. And through everything there is the growing concept of mutual responsibility, of good manners, of relative values. Outdoor fun, gardening, hobbies, photography, reading, music, plays, puppets, and now and then games made a part of the whole. A good antidote to the dangers of disappearing family life.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1962
Publisher: Prentice-Hall