THE MOON WAS LOW by Monica Dickens


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Remember an autobiographical account of life below-stairs, One Pair of Hands, published in 1939? This is the same author, and here in a slim novel -- a nice, likable, human sort of story, is told Mary's romance. A childhood in London and the country, an adolescent love for a cousin, Denys, school days, dramatic school and its ludicrous end, a trip to Paris to study dress design, and an engagement which doesn't pan out -- all lead up to the final romance, marriage and an Italian honeymoon. Then comes the war; the young husband joins the Navy -- and report comes that his boat has sunk with all on board. Mary spends a tragic night thinking over her life -- and in the morning learns that he is alive. As a story, perhaps, it is thinnish; but as popular romance, it is well above run of the mill.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1940
Publisher: Harper