ONE PAIR OF FEET by Monica Dickens


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Sequel to One Pair of Hands -- and recounting how (following her misadventures in domestic service) Charles Dickens' granddaughter went in for nursing as her contribution to war work. Her rebellion at hospital etiquette, the types of work she was called on to do, her experience in the wards, with private patients, with fellow nurses, superiors, etc. all interwoven with unbelievable fatigue, the customs of the Queen Adelaide Hospital, the evaporation of her ignorance as duties with casualties, emergencies, operating room, maternity ward, contributed to her knowledge of her job. Night duty, time off, German patients, difficult cases, difficult personalities, the build-up to the exams -- and her final decision to call it a day and build tanks instead. Spritely -- informal -- entertaining square peg in a round hole experience. A far cry from the currently-to-be-expected-in-advance ""anything for good old Britain"" attitude.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1942
Publisher: Harper