THE PLANE TREES by Monique Lange


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A short, intimate interchange (much like The Kissing Fish-Criterion- 1960) takes place between Claudia and Diego as she attaches herself to him driving south- through France- toward the plane trees which are ""summer... love and not growing old"". Claudia is young, insistent, and aware that she will always be an extra person in Diego's life after Nathalie, the incomparable actress she has tried to replace, and en route, suffering, anything but silently, Claudia is always reminding him of Nathalie, reviving her memory so that she is more a presence than a phantom. Even the plane trees do not provide that illusory reprieve- Diego disengages himself gently and sends her back to Paris... Again, there is a suggestion of Sagan in the precocity of tone, the intensity of feeling, and the essentially ephemeral character of the book itself.

Publisher: Pantheon