THE SEVEN PILLARS OF PEACE by Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen
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Owing to the popularity of his radio broadcasts, Magr. Sheen probably has a larger non-Catholic following than any other leader of his faith. Therefore many besides Catholics will be interested in this volume from his pen, particularly as it deals in his usual forthright fashion with our most pressing public questions. All religionists will rejoice in his vigorous plea for a united stand by the religious forces against present-day pagan ideologies and practices. There will be few Protestants and not many Catholics who will agree with all of the author's opinions on political, economic and international questions, but all will be glad that amidst all of the confusion of voices lifted on behalf of political, nationalistic or class self-interest, there is to be heard this trumpet sounding forth a call to judge all issues in accordance with the eternal moral law of God.

Publisher: Scribner