PHILOSOPHIES AT WAR by Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen


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Although intended for a general audience, this book will unquestionably find more approval among readers of the Roman Catholic faith since the author is inclined to contrast protestant systems of education and methods of thinking with Catholic to the detriment of the former. ""The Church"" is categorically accepted as the Roman Catholic Church. The author believes that the present war is neither political nor economic in its sources but theological, resulting from bad thinking on the part of mankind in general, and that we must resort to the realm of ideas to restore the world to a peaceful basis. Totalitarianism is anti-Christ and must be abolished by an allegiance to God's moral laws, by revolution within our souls. Monsingor Sheen lays for most blame for abandonment of Christian codes and the resulting was with anti-human philosophies on our Protestant system of education which cate to a group that neither practices nor adheres to religion. The human heart, he says, must have an Absolute; Masion and the regimes with which we are at war have one, though it is anti-Christ and anti human. We must establish a new order based on the true Absolute of God if we are to emerge from this ""era of substitutions"" with any degree of success...For non-Catholic his argument is weakened by what seems to be an old school and somewhat bigeted assumption that we must fall in line with the Catholic movement, and accept the growth of Catholic power in a post-war world.

Publisher: Scribner