THREE TO GET MARRIED by Monsignor Fulton J Sheen


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A book about marriage and a book about man's relations to God in true marriage in which Love is not dual but the Lover, the Beloved and Love itself, something outside and yet one with both Lover and Beloved. Now the counsellor, now the philosopher, now the practical psychologist, Monsignor Sheen explores the mysteries of love, its expression in egotism, in , in greed, the necessity of goodness, knowledge, likeness, mutual self-giving and self-recovery. He views sex, not as an abnormality of the pay dream, but as a means of enriching personality. Where Freudianism interprets man in terms of sex, Christianity interprets sex in terms of man, and anarchy proceeds out of abuse of freedom granted him. The greatest illusion of lovers in the failure to distinguish between the glandular and the spiritual. The failures in marriage come from the tensions unresolved. Unity is achieved by begetting children, symbolizing love as a stepping stone to divine love. He discusses the family as the basis of spiritual unity, and appraises its expression, its facets, relating motherhood to Mary, Mother of God, and fatherhood to the Fatherhood of God. The part of the book dealing with the significance of sacrifice was, for this reader, the most revealing and challenging and two statements are sure to be often quoted to the effect that ""in the degree in which we love we shall be loved"" and ""tragedy is not what happens but how we to what happens. A book destined for an intellectual Catholic market, and a receptive non Catholic market.

Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts