YOUR CHILD AND SEX by Monsignor George A. Kelly


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Monsignor Kelly has previously addressed Catholic youth on some of the problems this book covers, The Catholic Youth's Guide to Life and Love (1960) and Dating for Young Catholics (1963), but as he points out in the beginning, parental guidance is essential. Parents must take a stronger educative role involving the moral and spiritual aspects of sexual behavior. He outlines 11 principles derived from the tenet ""that God created sex"" and that both self-control and self-denial are involved. Monsignor Kelly discusses sexual behavior from infancy on and how it is to be handled in both the young child and the teen-ager. As a spokesman for his faith, he expectedly proscribes practices (masurbation, contraception, drinking, intercourse before marriage) which the Church does not condone. The value of the book will also lie in his definite instruction for parents on their instruction to children and adolescents with amplified definitions of physiological terms and functions.

Publisher: Random House