SNOW RANGERS by Montgomery Atwater


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Brad Davis, twenty-two, the snow ranger of Ski Lodge Mystery (1959) and Avalanche Patrol (1951) gets involved with the CIA and a Latin American country threatened by Communists. He's sent to Coracagua (sic) to find a way of utilizing a copper mine containing the strategic metal ""X"" but located in an avalanche zone, and to keep an eye on the enemy while he's working. He and Ramon Calderon, old Olympic Games buddy and champion of democracy in Coracagua, make superhuman ski treks, encounter a third Olympic pal shooting for Russians who divulges a revolutionary plot and defeat the proposed revolution without taking a life by shooting an avalanche. Ayn Rand characters and James Bond plot (tongue not in cheek)--fast moving lowbrow spy-jinks.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Random House